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Is there any reason that the original poster, ianmoodya, does not mention mention requesting this info from Epson???? As a 3880 owner he is entitled to request assistance from the Professional Customer Service group, phone# in manual. This should be the first go-to place.

I dont know how sticky the MK default action is, what happens if you accidentally select a glossy, luster or semi-gloss media Will there be an immediate switch or hopefully a warning message???

Without incurring additional costs and maintaining the use of Epson ink I would suggest swapping the chip from the PK cart to a 2nd MK cart and inserting the 2nd MK cart in place of the PK cart. Now if a MK-PK switch gets triggered you will have MK in the printhead and the feed lines, permitting you to continue as if nothing happened. except for the loss of a few ml of ink. BUT you will have no immediate need to switch the inks again. Your unwanted ink loss will be cut in half. I will be examining the benefits, if any, of the default mode.

good luck irv weiner


I for one think the idea of using TWO MK's is brilliantly obvious - you are a GENIUS! (well I think you are anyway)

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Andrew G

But does the printer lay down the ink differently for the MK cartridge compared to the PK cartridge?

My experience with this printer is that primary switch trigger is the paper selection - if true then as a minimum one , in theory makes the saving that Brian suggests, I am also thinking that it needs a RIP to effectively use multiple blacks...

SO I ask the question, can we purchase the $50 RIP available via Cone and use that to tell the re badged PK to behave like MK or even taking a step further into "what if" have the rip tell the other colours to behave as matte paper when selecting a PK centric paper in the 'ol 3880 menu

I suppose its silly but then ........I don't know the answer SOMEONE will tho.


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Andrew G

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