Nikkor 32mm f1.2 listed on the Nikon USA website...

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Re: Nikkor 32mm f1.2 listed on the Nikon USA website...
That Olympus 45mm is amazingly tiny. I just couldn't believe the first picture I saw of it. Something like that, at a reasonable price, would be harder to resist, but I think I still would. It's just not a focal length that calls out to me, at least not in a way that zooms don't work well enough. If I'm shooting indoors in iffy light, I'd usually prefer a wider lens. I could always crop it a bit if needed. I guess Nikon has researched their customers and think what Nikon 1 users want is a fast portrait lens, but I just don't see it. I suspect most who are heavily interested in portraiture own bigger cameras and wouldn't find Nikon 1 attractive.

The small size of the Nikon 1 gear seems best to people who like its moderate size (tourists, hikers, street shooters), and especially to those who benefit most from the crop multiplier (wildlife fans). Yes, there is some price advantage in the lenses, but I think this 32mm is going to be quite high (way too high for thrifty me.) It will appeal mainly to those who are price insensitive, either because they have plenty of money or because they are used to paying large prices for such lenses in larger formats. People who traded down from big cameras and are building up a similar set of lenses to what they had may like it.

This is a very different situation from the 6.7-13mm, where there was broad interest in the lens despite it being priced higher than most other Nikon 1 lenses. I bit, despite expecting not to, because the image quality looked solid and it offered focal lengths I couldn't otherwise get. The 32mm would offer shallow dof, but that's not as compelling to me.

despite I'm sure it will be a great lens, the more I think about it, it just doesn't make sense for me. The new canon 100D weights the same as V1 and if I use my 50/1.4, the combo will not be much different in weight and size than V1+32/1.2 (both not pocketable), but it will probably be cheaper with all advantages (high iso, dof etc.).

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