G1X - Tried hq burst - why do people moan about AF?

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Re: G1X - Tried hq burst - why do people moan about AF? Point Not Made With These Samples

How about reading the G15 reviews on this and other respected sites and you will see the evaluation of the G15 AF as compared to the G1X AF.

Sorry, I had ASSuMEd that you were talking from 1st hand experience.

When I talk about other ppl's 'experiences', I use the word 'supposedly', 'others say', or 'reviews say', rather than full stroked absolute statements with authority and sureness from the 1st person.

Obviously, unless you have both cams, under exactly the same conditions, and see again and again a clear 'advantage' of one over the other, that is proof, with all the normal assumptions (good oper. cams, etc).

A deep DOF covers many AF sins, the G15 sensor by nature covers many AF sins, as compared to the 6 times larger G1X sensor.

From DPR G1X review:

(F2.8-5.8 lens - sensor is "six times the size of the sensors in previous Canon G-series")

"where the G1 X lacks behind some mirrorless system cameras is the continuous shooting speed and AF speed"

"The AF system works reliably but compared to cameras like Panasonic's current Lumix G-series range, it's distinctly sluggish."

From DPT G15 review:

"53% faster, according to Canon - which if true, would make the G15 the fastest-focusing compact the company has made."

I did NOT find any AF comparisons between the G15 and G1X in the DPR review, actual timings or otherwise.

But looking at it rationally, there is much more glass to move in G1X, much more shallow DOF, and just maybe Canon improved the CDAF algorithm for G15 or just being a faster overall cam (optimization of code), the G15 has faster AF due to more processing time avail for AF, or better hardware CDAF, I don't know?!

If algorithm, then Canon needs to release new f/w !!

The G1X is just too nice of cam to be saddled with poorer CDAF than is possible, or possibly than the G15.

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