Aperture/focusing distance changes at different FL for zoom lenses?

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Re: Aperture/focusing distance changes at different FL for zoom lenses?

So I went out to test a number of M4/3 zoom lenses today and was majorly disappointed by 2 things as I zoomed to higher focal lengths:

Many seemed to rapidly close down the aperture, and some had very long minimum focusing distances.

Of course I expect these things to change, but was surprised at how quickly they did so. For example with the Olympus 14-42 kit zoom it seemed that just by zooming slightly the aperture was suddenly at 5.6, and I couldn't focus at closer than about 90cm (my estimates, not measured precisely...). These are absolute dealbreakers for me.

1. Is there any chart/guide which shows at what focal lengths a lens closes down to smaller maximum apertures?

2. Comparing lenses on this site side-by-side, the "minimum focusing distance" seems to be that at the widest end. Is there any chart/guide to show the minimum focusing distance at different focal lengths?

Are you after any particular requirements?

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