Looking for a "cheap" MD/MC macro lens.

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Re: Looking for a "cheap" MD/MC macro lens.

Thanks for all the advice, guys.

I just purchased a Minolta Celtic 50mm Macro f/3.5 with 14mm, 21mm, and 28mm extension tubes. Total cost was $106 shipped. I'm hoping that this is a good starter setup and that it'll keep me busy for a while.

Congratulations on your new lens ! So we should soon see some of your pictures, then...

I advise you to also find some flash or continuous light solution. As you will see, the DoF becomes so shallow that you need to close the aperture down to gain some, and the only possible compensation is adding light to raise the shutter speed.
The extension tubes also loose light, as you will find out soon.

Good luck with your new gear.


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