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Re: Why bother? MSE has very poor detection

I don't know the answers to your questions, since I would never bother to install MS Security Essentials (since it's about as bad as it gets for malware protection).

If you look at tests from reputable labs, MS Security Essentials is horrible compared to other products. For example, click on the "Protection:" column to sort that way, and Security Essentials has the lowest score out of any product tested by

IOW, for most practical purposes, tt just doesn't get any worse than Microsoft Security Essentials at protecting your PC from malware.

You'll also find other studies showing it only works for around 85% of known malware with Win 8 (Windows Defender + Security Essentials). That may look good "on the surface" until you consider that there are something like 70,000 new malware strains being seen every day.

Since most sites promoting malware are using newer strains, as originally asked, why bother (using Microsoft products for malware protection), as they're probably next to worthless at protection from real world infections you'd see now (as most malicious sites are likely using newer strains of malware that Microsoft is not going to detect anyway)?

IOW, I'd do yourself a favor and find a better product to help prevent malware, and that means almost any other product (free or commercial), since Microsoft AV products rank so low, as they're about as bad as it gets in detection of malware.

Basically, the protection against malware is so bad, I wouldn't even bother to waste the resources by letting Microsoft products like that run on my PC. You'd probably be just as well off from most real world issues leaving it uninstalled.

I'd look at products with higher detection rates for known malware, combined with better zero day protection.

I would certainly not entertain the idea of using Microsoft AV products; as they've got a horrible track record, as shown by tests by reputable labs.


I appreciate your always helpful advice.  Which top 2 free AV software do you currently recommend?


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