just got my first printer (R3000) . what consumables to buy?

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ukkisavosta Regular Member • Posts: 171
Re: Congrats! Some tips on refillables..

Woooo.. thanks for all that info. I think i just cheated you out of that year .. definitely got me thinking if i even wanna go through all that trouble if my printing is to be very casual .

Ah, didn't mean to turn you off the idea of refillables, but reading through my text again, it does sound like the perfect horror story of printing.

I'm pretty sure that you won't have any troubles, but I do suggest buying your 3rd party inks and carts from a known good source. If anything goes wrong, they'll most likely provide support and supply you with new carts if required etc.

I bought the cheapest set for my R220 I could find (set of carts was a bit over 10 bucks and a 60ml set of inks wasn't much more), and my R220 was used with some blocked nozzles to start with, so I pretty much jumped in the pool from the deep end!


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