just got my first printer (R3000) . what consumables to buy?

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Re: Jaakko, I feel sorry for you...

I currently have 6 printers running, 3 Epson(including the subject R3000 which I used 3rd party inks from day one), and 3 Canon. All using refillable cartridges, 3rd party inks, and zero problems.

I also had an Epson R220 and R340 and again had no problems with refilling.

Jtoolman around here has 15 printers currently in use with most using refillable cartridges and he also has zero problems.

I just can't imaging what you problems could be!

Bob P.

Thanks for sympathizing. It's encouraging to hear that you and Joe have had managed to avoid problems. I'm inclined to think that something was wrong with my first set of R220 carts. The carts I've swapped from the second set (black, magenta, cyan) haven't given me any troubles (apart from the driver reporting the black cart as non-genuine, but otherwise it's working as should). Luckily the dye inks for the R220 are cheap, so I haven't had to worry about spending expensive ink during my trials.

Somehow I think the R3000 won't be giving me as much trouble. At least I hope it won't when the time comes!


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