BEWARE KB2670838 or IE10 updates! They break Aero and Windows Live Mail on many systems!

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Re: BEWARE KB2670838 or IE10 updates! They break Aero and Windows Live Mail on many systems!

I don't know if MS is trying to find a way to push more people into going W8 or what but this is the most bugged up broken set of patches I've ever seen. WDM kepts saying it was broken and then I'd tell the OS to fix it and it'd say it would turn it back on but it was still not working. Reboot, nothing helped. Tried these patches three times and nothing made them work properly. I'm starting to see others complain all over now too, especially people who have something connected in portrait mode, they say going into portrait removes aero permanently with these patches. I don't even have anything in portait mode myself.

Windows Live Mail renders all wrong and is totally unusable with these patches.

I had to uninstall it all to make my computer work normally again. W7 64bit with latest Nvidia graphics drivers.

If you have an old version of the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack installed on your computer, run setup again in change mode (for example from Control Panel) and uninstall the "Canon CHDK" codec, if you have previously installed it.

This codec is not installed by default, and the recent MS update conflicts with it in some strange way.

You don't need this particular codec unless you own a Canon camera with a custom (hacked) firmware that adds raw shooting abilities to some specific models.

Current versions of the FastPictureViewer Codec Pack ships without this codec, and old versions without this codec installed all works just fine with KB2670838 on Win7.

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