D600 vs D7100 low light test shots

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Re: D600 vs D7100 low light test shots

Took some test shots last night to compare the d7100 and d600 in low light. Havent written it up but here they are for what it's worth (including full resolution samples)


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Thanks for posting this information. The D600 has a clear advantage at high ISOs when looking at the woman's head shots, but the D7100 does quite well. If you have the time or get a chance, I would be very interested to see some AF tests where you compare the low light focusing abilities of each camera. Perhaps progressively lower the light level and use a single focus point to find the point at which each of the cameras can no longer obtain focus.

Looking at the female mannequin shots there is a HUGE issue, the D600 is shooting 1/200, the D7100 is 1/250, both at the same aperture.

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