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Re: Fool the meter
"fool the meter" the meter has 3 settings, exposure lock and user adjustment, I'd say the meter is rarely fooled if you are using it properly.

Please tell me which metering mode would have exposed for the boy's face, and not the dark uniform or background.

Either Matrix (Multi Segment) or Center Weighted would do with perhaps a little EV- dialed in... the thing is the cameras have so much dynamic range that most shots like this are recoverable unless horrifically over exposed. also i'm sure the camera would pick up on the bright grass over the dark uniform making it a lot simpler for the camera to guess a closer exposure. Either way it should only take a shot or 2 to refine your exposure settings to be ideal.

I've never understood how people could shoot in manual mode for sports, maybe i've never encountered a sport where the lighting was consistent,

Clear sunny skies, thin or thick cloud cover, indoors, all wonderful situations for shooting manual. Passing clouds, or players moving in and out of shade are really the only situations where you have to rely on a meter. Or I guess if you must shoot players facing towards and away from the sun.

one can use the sunny 16 rules, the shady 11 or overcast 8 but those are only guidelines and will get you close, rarely do i trust such a generic exposure rule to get me spot on, this is where the cameras built in meter when used properly will win, in most cases it will get you even closer to correct exposure. and you won't have to deal with as many variances shot to shot. setting one exposure due to generic rules for a general estimated amount of lighting is foolish unless of course you don't have a meter you can rely on. Also if one shoots multiple types of subjects in an outing with them not all identically and evenly lit up then general settings are a waste of time and manually metering for ever situation is silly unless you don't have a working meter.

the only times i use manual are in well controlled situations (with flash and a light box) and situations beyond the cameras metering ability like night exposures.

Then you must have hated a K1000, if you even used one, so I'm not sure what you're doing in this thread.

Maybe i should've said manual mode on my digital cameras.

I love my K1000, It has a nice brown leather finish, its excellent for when i got out and play with film, oh and it has a meter too! with the latitude of some most film the cameras meter is pretty accurate, and i do disagree with the meter at times. "if you even used one" i guess you don't know me, I've picked up film photography a couple years back, now i have 9 cameras, only 1 is digital. I have a Pentax SV with top mounted meter, an ESII, K1000, MX, Auto 110 with 3 lenses, original 645 with 5 lenses, Fuji GSW690III (with no meter) and a 1946 Rollex 20 6x9 folding bellows camera (again no meter and only 1 shutter speed, only 1 aperture, only 1 focal length, only 1 focus distance and of course only 1 ISO) you can't get any more manual then that. About the only camera i haven't used yet is the SV but it won't be long before i do use it. have a look at my profile, you'll see i'm not a film virgin. also you can find my posts with scanned film photos in them, there should be some 24 galleries, and 2 on the way.

I'm in this post because the idea is a bad idea and i made my reasons quite clear! such a camera might work for the Leica crowd willing to spend 10K on a manual digital camera but there is no room for a manual teaching camera in modern photography. The K1000 is a legacy, it helped teach millions of people the basics of photography back when it was necessary to learn such things, these days exposure is covered fine by the camera and when it isn't it can be learned by the user in just a few clicks. I expect most user to be smart enough to figure it out if they really want to know. A digital K1000 would be a novelty, a niche product a waste of money for Pentax. if you really want the K1000 experience there are lots of them for sale many of which are in perfect working order.

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