Anyone here left mirrorless for DSLR?

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Re: Anyone here left mirrorless for DSLR?

I have both DSLR and mirrorless, 1DS3, 1DS2, 1D2 and D800E on DSLR side and NEX 7 and GF2 on the mirrorless side, I just can't get used to the little mirrorless camera body, I tried, but just can't do it, so they are mostly either ended up in my girl friend's bag or staying home, I am just not a fan of small camera, even for the D800E and the 5D2 before, I have to add a vertical grip to it to make them a little more comfortable to work with, also I don't see any mirrorless has the same sensor quality as the FF DSLR, I just don't see how people say the mirrorless give them the same image quality, at least I am not getting that same level of result from playing with friend's X-Pro1 many times, and my own NEX 7 with Zeiss lens, even I mount my TSE and Zeiss on my NEX 7 and I am not getting the same quality as my 1DS3 and D800E, which I didn't expected to anyway, also played with my friend's Canon mirrorless, and a few Olympus as well, so I just can't get too excite about them, actually almost of my friends who own the decent mirrorless systems use it as back up, second or third camera, none of them use them as their main camera, but again most of these guys are pro or at least semi-pro shooters, and all my "not so serious" friends all consider a $1200-$1700 camera body like the NEX7 and X pro 1 way too expensive and all stick to the point and shoot.

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