Pana is rumored to plan CFF (compact full frame) for post M43

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Re: additional info and observations
some of the posters don't seem to understand that because FF is expensive now it will remain expensive. In fact the price of FF sensors are falling and a 1500 FF DSLR from the top brands is a reality in 3 years. Basically the APS-C and M43 will eventually be replaced by FF.

You don't seem understand that mid-sized sensors provide enough performance to satisfy a lot of people too. M43 is already a successful format despite the fact that many APS-C cameras are cheaper. This is because M43 provides enough performance and is able to bundle it in a small package which many people prefer.

It's not all about the very best performance at an affordable price. M43's combination of performance and compactness addresses a market that isn't going to go away.

You don't seem to understand that people will take better tools for the same price even if they don't need it. The same argument was frequently made about computers for the last decade, that people don't need anything faster than what existed. Guess what, faster and better computers were manufactured and they cost the same or cheaper than those before them and people are buying them even those who don't need extra performance, but also many found that they can use that extra performance for tasks they never did before.

...and your argument falls flat because it oversimplifies "better". There are many different views of what is better, not just based on pure IQ per dollar. If that was all that mattered, no one would buy m4/3, but people do.

To borrow your computer analogy, everyone should still only use desktops, because they provide the most performance bang for the buck. Sure, laptops are more portable and versatile, but what about raw power?? They'll never last. And just look at the puny processors they put in tablets and smart phones. Who would ever buy such feeble devices? They're clearly doomed.

Your thinking on this whole issue is just too rigid. In the very near future, yes, FF will continue to get cheaper, and will continue to offer better IQ than smaller formats. In the long term, you just won't need a big sensor anymore to deliver the goods.

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