Wish Nikon gives us 2x crop on a D800/D800E/D600/D4 via a firmware upgrade

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Re: Wish Nikon gives us 2x crop on a D800/D800E/D600/D4 via a firmware upgrade

What would be the advantage to your 2x crop vs. just cropping as desired in post processing?

Same as with the 1.2x and 1.5x crops - metering only for the cropped area (with hopefully better metering for that area), the autofocus points being all inside the cropped area in the auto mode, etc.

You can set focus points to 21 or 9. You could also use center weighted if you really want to limit the metering area.

I am not expert on metering but I will prefer the matrix metering on that crop. BTW I see in the menu on my D800 either 11 focus points or 51 - 21 & 9 are not present (where are you checking?).

Each to their own, I guess, but I've never found it advantageous to set one of my cameras into a crop mode. I'd rather have the option of full screen or crop in post rather than limit myself onto to the crop area. Plus, you always get better results if you don't need to use the crop. A 2.0 crop would be throwing away a ton of DR, noise performance and resolution.

I find the crop capability (lots of pixels) advantageous for carrying less number of lenses - if I am cropping anyway (in post or via a quick turn of the command dial while Fn button pressed while shooting) that I might as well have it possible for me to have smaller files. Also cropping while framing helps visualize the end picture better. If I already have access to 1.2x and 1.5x crops and find them useful - a 2x crop with still enough pixels will be useful as well (at least for the D800 & D800E where would be around 9 MP).

The one reason I understand an advantage of a crop mode is if the camera goes to higher fps when in crop mode (as the D800 does at 1.3x) or the D7100 does in it's 1.3x). But, you didn't cite that reason and I don't think that's going to help anything in the D800 when going to 2x as the mirror probably doesn't go any faster.

Higher fps is not much of an issue for me - as I don't shoot more than one shot at a time.

OK, if you don't mind throwing away all that DR and noise performance such that you're getting the same performance as a micro four thirds camera (2.0x crop) with a lot smaller sensor, that's fine with me.  I can see why Nikon doesn't think most people would use their D800 that way though as you get much higher IQ if you actually use the larger sensor that you paid for.  But, if you want it, I won't keep you from asking for it.  I won't be using it that way though.

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