Why use Pentax?

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Re: Why use Pentax?

The above is just a bunch of generalities, with one specific example. It's true that the Pentax 16-50 doesn't fare well at current pricing. But where are the reasonably priced WR lenses from other makers? Hint, there are none.

I understand WR is a big selling point and can understand people who put that on their priority list. For me however, IQ  is at the top of the priority list. I have been shooting SLR for 4 years and never once had the urge to shoot in the rain, or on a windy beach.

Why criticize Pentax for having a 50-135mm f2.8?

I am not criticising Pentax for having it. I am just saying pentax goes out its way to make lenses of unconventional FL to avoid comparison.

But on the evaluation of this lens, I do find it not as good value as competing lenses from Canon and nikon at its old price. I see it recently being listed at 1100 USD instead of its usual 1650. at current pricing it is indeed good value.

You should criticize Nikon, Sony and Canon for not having one. A 70-300mm 2.8 is a full-frame lens. On APS-C, it's too long for traditional portrait, and too short for real telephoto.

with respect I do not agree with that sentiment at all. 70-200 works very well on APs-C. As a canon user I have a 17-55, which is effectively 27-88 on apsc, it is more than sufficient to cover my portrait need. on top of that I have a super cheap 50mm if I wanted shallower DOF.

70-200 on canon aps-c is effectively 112-320, that is a very good range, from long portrait to telephoto. i have been using this lens for a lot of action shots and animal shots. majority of my shots were done at 200mm end or close. a 50-135 would not have worked nearly as well.

2, Pentax is not exactly known for industry leading AF. Personally speaking, one of the biggest reason of buying SLR over mirrorless is for the AF. I want the ability to shoot action, wild life and BIF. Canon just seem more established in that area.

Yes, the pricier Canons and Nikon have better tracking, but the D7000, 60D and lower are very comparable to Pentax.

I am not sure if that is so. D7000 has a 39 point AF while K5 is a 11 point.

I've only seen AF results from two test labs. In both, Pentax bodies were comparable to the competition. The 7D, D300S and FF's did better than the K-5. Note that the K-5 II and IIs currently have the best low-light AF out of all the APS-C bodies.

I confess i do not follow pentax testings much after I decided no to buy into the syste,. purely based on my observation in forums an online image galleries, pentax is not used in action and wildlife shooting as much as canon and nikon, and I am not talking about higher end canikon here. but I acknowledge that it may well be a misconception. I would be happy to see more pentax action and wildlife shots.

3, Many people, myself included, would like to leave the option of going FF open. FF price falling is inevitable, FF will always provide better IQ and more DOF options. with canon, one can have a FF upgrade path; with pentax, one is stuck with aps-c.

Pentax FF is coming, as per recent Pentax interviews.

I would not hold my breath to be honest, and if it does come my money is on that it will not be compatible with significant majority of the modern lenses. Pentax never had FF on its strategic roadmap, all its modern lenses are made for APs-C. Pentax wanted its high end users to move onto 645D (understandably). the current low manufacture cost and low prices of FF such as D600 and 6D somewhat caught pentax by surprise. Of course they want to get into this market but they do not have the same lens line up to attract potential purchasers.

4, IBIS has its strength, it should make stablised lenses cheaper...

You can't get Canon or Nikon stabilized primes below 100mm.

canon is slowly bringing them out, the new 24,28 and 35 are all IS. but they are way too expensive for what they are. definitely not a system selling point.

I understand you general sentiment and would agree that your views are valid, i think we just have different values. Last year I had a chance to use K5 and 12-24 + 50-135. I liked its DR capability but was not impressed with the IQ of either lens. I find Canon 10-22 and 70-200 to be superior.

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