D600 price drop soon. Also to be replaced by new D600S model

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Re: This is the same as yellow journalism.....

This is a photography forum and not a news organization.

If anyone naive enough to believe the OP, then he deserves to be duped.

Um, of course this isn't a news organization.  The point is that the FTC has been taking notice at bloggers and forum posts where there is clearly falsely distributed information, and particularly for financial gain.  And that, my friend, was the gist of my comment.... FTC goes after false claims on the internet

And of course we all know that 'internet forums are just internet forums.'  Anybody can (and will) say anything. But when postings that border on libel and have the potential for someone's financial loss are eventually disseminated throughout the web, it becomes more than just the nature of 'internet forums.'   Just like yellow journalism operates.  And under your guidelines, if you are naive to believe anything you read and hear from whatever source, then I guess you deserve to be duped, too.  But eventually society dissolves into anarchy when no one can be believed and all trust is gone.  Maybe we should just all do our part by being honest and forthcoming.  And that can start on a forum.  Otherwise any public discourse will eventually degrade into a complete parody of itself.

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