I'm Staying Married to Olympus!!

Started Mar 19, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Can not afford to divorce!

Leaving would cost a boat load and other than the fact I don't love the E-3 I don't think I'm about to leave any time soon.  Bought an EM-5 and like it more than the E-3 but would really like an E-1 sized 'pro-body'.  The E-1 still feels better in my hand than any camera I have ever held in the past 40 years.  Tried an E-5 prior to official release at a trade show and liked the results better than the E-3 but it pretty much still feels exactly the same so didn't buy one.  Had an E-510 and liked the size better than the E-3 and it felt pretty good in hand as well, but not as good as the E-1.  Will wait to see what transpires and not in a hurry to buy another camera.  Any of them still take better pictures than I need 90% of the time.


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