Will I be happy with the x20?

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Re: Will I be happy with the x20?

dear 94. I took you up on the advice.

I want to have fun watching and recording my child and family.

I just bought an x20.

thank you for the good sense.

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Good decision. So many get hung up on details that are simply not important when they want a camera for just taking family photos. The smaller sensor on the X20 can be an advantage since you can get a wider DOF. Helps when shooting wide open to get a running child in focus.

I use a 5D and a bunch of heavy L-lenses for professional use, but when it comes to taking family photos or traveling, it's just too damn big and heavy. When it comes down to it, I have a ton of great photos and videos I've taken of my kid and family with my iPhone. Sometimes you want the razor thin DOF, perfect bokeh and mind blowing IQ, but most of the time you just need a camera that fits in your pocket that can capture all your most cherished memories.

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