Seeking Feedback Regarding the F750EXR

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Re: Seeking Feedback Regarding the F750EXR

cool to hear your experience re the F200. I think Dave L did some awesome work with that little cam with its bigger sensor and showed a lot of stuff here.

Prior to the S200EXR I used the C8080. It only had 8 mp but woo that thing was only a shade off being a DSLR in quality and I took it everywhere. Olympus screwed up from there though and I had to go looking elsewhere for a replacement p&s ..(which was all I could afford at the time)

Why cam companies have more often than not gone backward re IQ after developing great products I have no clue but it has been disapointing. Perhaps the growing IQ in cell phones will force an IQ ramp up in bridge cams. 3X zoom eensy P&S I think are about dead ..


all the best


I am afraid there will be no ramp up of IQ in bridge cams anytime soon, as long as these crazy long zooms are getting fit into them, next generation might hit 1400 mm, IQ is of secondary importance to reach here. With the wider use of PP, the enthusiast users think they can sharpen and fix almost anything coming out of these compromised lenses, and looking at the generally positive reception the HS50 IQ gets, the IQ criteria among general public is going down fast.

cherish the good old cams....



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