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Re: X10 vs X20 - Dynamic Range, raw & jpeg


Thanks for putting in the time to show us these. I know it is easy to be critical of other folks comparison shots, and I hope I am being fair, but I could have got much more out of them if you had focused on something further away. The nearest verandah post is quite close, and there is little detail in good light which can be used for a comparison. The details of the stones in the track, which are not well lit anyway, soon go to mush and I am not sure how much of this is DOF and how much sensor limitations.

Hey, when the sun shines again I'll do some more shots as you like, if you think it will help. Thanks for making the suggestions

I look forward to the comparisons

My eye is inevitably drawn to using the better lit telegraph poles or iron signalling (?) structure on the left to make comparisons, and here the X20 shows much better than the X10, if not sharp (and I put this down to the close focus point)

They both have the same lens on the same size sensor, so unless my X10 was fitted with a faulty lens when the sensor was replaced, it ought to be a valid comparison.

In what way?

Now I look again on my large monitor I am going to change my mind...strange on my laptop the RAW conversions looked sharper and they are pretty much even on the big screen.  Also on the big monitor I can see some strange artifacts around the lettering in the sign on the left (colour signalling warning sign) in the RAWs which are not there in the JPEGS.  Again I couldn't see that on the laptop.  Lesson learned....use a decent screen!

Anway, for me it is another pointer that the X20 is better than my X10. but I am not going to rush out and get one just yet...I have a V1 kit with 10-30 and 30-110 waiting for me in the US and want to check that out first.

I was thinking about a V2 until I saw that the stock lenses just don't seem quite capable. They certainly are not fast.

I agree with that.  My main use for will be as a small 'action' telephoto rig using the 30-110 in good light.  I don't know how it will compare at the shorter fls until I have hands on.

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