35mm 1.4 Sigma vs nikon 28mm 1.8g + 50 1.8g

Started Mar 19, 2013 | Discussions thread
jjm1181 Forum Member • Posts: 99
Re: 35mm 1.4 Sigma vs nikon 28mm 1.8g + 50 1.8g

From what I see in charts and reviews Sigma is way better than both of these in sharpness and overall image quality, even wide open.

I was wondering what's your opinion for going for either 35mm 1.4 or 28 +50 combo, since they are of about the same price.

My main consideration is about the build quality and specifically the lack of weather sealing on Sigma.

Any thoughts?

I'm in the same situation....I have the 85, 50 and 28 right now.  Just got the 28 on rebate and I keep going back and forth between selling it and getting the sigma instead.  Already have the 50 so it would be close to that focal length.  I primarily shoot my family and friends so the sigma makes sense for it's performance.

Did you decide on what to do?

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