Time is running out for Samsung, Sony, and other mirrorless camera makers

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Tom Hoots
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Mostly rubbish.

If these "elephants" will supposedly just make money fall out of the sky like magic, why, oh why, has EVERY SINGLE THING THEY'VE DONE IN THE MIRRORLESS SEGMENT TO DATE BEEN SO LAME?

Nikon puts a tiny sensor into cameras that are BIGGER than cameras the other manufacturers are putting larger APS-C and micro 4/3 sensors into, and then they supply lenses that are JUST AS HEAVY as the lenses that cover those larger sensors.  Why??  Completely lame.

Canon makes the enormous, nearly-as-big-as-a-DSLR-body G1X with a number of insane compromises, such as the need to get into macro mode just to take a normal wide-angle shot.  Why??  Completely lame.

Then they make the EOS-M, and, yeah, with an adapter you can fit Canon's DSLR lenses onto it, but the camera is so small you have NOTHING TO HOLD ONTO, and especially no room to both hold onto it and change any settings at the same time.  Along with other problems such as settings that can only be changed on the touch screen.  Why??  Completely lame.

So far, nothing is reasonable, nothing appears to have been conceived with the tiniest amount of intelligence, and I can't even imagine why anyone would touch anything they've made so far, beyond some sort of fanboyism.  Perhaps they should consider concepts such as "proper hand grips," "smaller sensors in SMALLER bodies rather than larger ones," and so on.

The bottom line is that they HAVE entered the mirrorless market, and basically all they've really done is stunk up the place.  I have far less confidence than Thom that some day they'll wake up and figure out which end is up.

Tom Hoots

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