What to buy?

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Re: What to buy?

Canon PowerShot SX50. A superzoom has a tiny sensor with all of its advantages.

Yeah for nature and wildlife. That's the ticket. A little bittie sensor. Yeah, and the Jets will win the Super Bowl next year. That's the ticket. LOL

Seriously. Come on. The OP wasn't kidding I don't think. Why misguide and joke with him? You might actually have him thinking you're serious about a little tiny sensor being the best way to make photographs.

Ok, have your fun and take care.

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Cheers, Craig
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But the OP specifically mentioned looking for a superzoom type camera that was not too expensive, I personally would choose the FZ-200 for myself with those criteria but the Canon can be had for about $130 less. Given the specificity of the OP's post any OTHER recommendation would be straying from the OP's statedarea of interest. So why you picking on me today? 

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