How about this for "awesome" threads

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Re: How about this for "awesome" threads

If you are going to start a thread, about how awesome a certain camera and lens is, and provide pictures as proof, Please, make at least a half-assed effort of posting something which is good to look at, or challenging to take picture of, or at least in someway shows the prowess of the equipment you are claiming to be awesome. I would even take 100% crops of a brick wall, for at least it communicates some degree of technical information.

Otherwise, you can just say, "I love the X camera or the Y lens" b/c my cats eye look sharper, or I can achiever a shallow dof on a completely mundane object etc, and you just have to take my word for it.

Thanks in advance.

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I understand your disappointment. You click on an 'awesome' thread and there isn't much to see or read.

But for some of those who upgraded to a newer model the IQ difference ( be it low light, high ISO or just the shallow DOF) between their older and newer cameras is nothing short of amazing. But you have seen similar pictures many times before. So, what is awesome to them is ordinary to you.

But I love their excitement (if not the pictures). It is always good to see people enjoying their hobby and passion.

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maybe its just a matter of me taking my Paxil.

You know, I get pretty geeked up about new gear also.  I am happy for all the ones that do.

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