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Hi Brian

First, I like it that we can have a discussion/ disagreement in a civil manner. Too many of these discussions disintegrate into a the equivalent of a bar room brawl.

Me too, Oly.

I had a quick look at the review that you linked to. In all honesty that is the first positive review that I've seen. Even then if you scroll down many of the comments are negative.

When I was shopping for a new pc around Christmas I read some W8 reviews and all were negative . Even then I decided to go ahead and give it a try. My first impression was not good, it just seemed to get in the way but I have stayed with it. As far as performance I can't really say since I never had anything else on this computer.

In any case I will persevere, who knows maybe I'll become a fan. It makes you wonder though when almost everyone seems to hate it.

The reviewers, by and large, sure did, focusing on the UI change and ignoring (for the most part) the improvements (system/security improvements, hardware support) just under the surface.  And not working in corporate/enterprise environments, couldn't see what the new OS offers to business customers, over say, an iPad. Or understand why it was vital for MS to create an integrated multi-device environment (they all have iPhones, of course).

Personally, after a month or so with Win8, I'm enjoying it more and more, love switching back and forth with the whole other Metro environment/ecosystem at my fingertips.  It's more, not less.  And there are some really useful apps in the Store and much more coming.  I've gotten to the point where the Desktop environment seems a little dull and static.  In any case, I think these are exciting times technologically, as various systems fight for market share and paradigms are shifting under our feet.

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