Exposure basics, lesson two point one (& ISO)

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By the way, probably better to refer to "ETTR via higher ISO" as "BTTR" (brightness to the right) or "GTTR" (gain to the right), as the exposure is unaffected.

I like it! Not just the Read noise; also analog gain noise?

The read noise is simply all the sources of noise from the sensor and supporting hardware lumped into a single figure.  Thus, Total Noise = Photon Noise + Read Noise, where "+" represents the quadrature sum:  P + R = sqrt (P² + R²).

So "ETTR up to ISO 400"? 800?

ETTR is always best when possible, as it increases the actual exposure which lowers the photon noise, and this has a more dramatic effect on lowering the overall noise than using a higher ISO to lower the read noise.

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