D7100 vs D800, Nikon 85mm 1.4G

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Re: wow! - amazingly holding its own with the 800

I handled a 7100 today at Newtonville Camera (my go-to local shop) :

- very nice, really tight build

Indeed.  I thought it would be a clunkmeister given how it's a tiny bit larger than the D7000.  Made me realize why I like the midsize bodies so much.

- more comfortable for me than the 7000 by quite a bit - that little squared off 7000 grip never felt right to me, they have just gone back to a little more rounded feel all over and it is much better ...

Bingo.  My observations exactly.  Feels even more comfortable in the hand than my D90, and as good or better than the Canon 60D, an exceptionally comfortable camera to hold

- The shutter is wonderfully quiet as you would expect from a current gen DX ...

Yep.  No twang, even quieter than the D7000; Q mode is actually MORE obvious than S mode to my ears.

If all is well, it will sure be easy to see why they released this one after the 600, and even the 800, because this really might be the "right" camera for so many that jumped into FX.

As long as people don't freak out over the rather minimal banding, it may well be.  The FX bodies are offering clean captures of a different degree, but then again they should.

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