My initial reactions GH3 arrived today.

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Re: Olympus needs to wake up.

Is there any reason why Olympus has chosen to waste the chance to have good video specs on the OM-D ? I really don't get it. Their CPU can easily handle 50 fps directly from sensor 1080p video, with a high bitrate (50 Mbps should be no problem whatsoever for the E-M5).

I sincerely hope Olympus will release an updated firmware with the GH3 video-specs, or someone will reverse engineer the firmware and hex-edit it so it has decent video-specs.

59.94 interlaced fields per second at Full HD for the OMD, are you kidding me? Those are 2008 specs! I was so VERY disappointed in that when I had bought the E-M5. What seems to be the problem? Why not work on the video-specs and improve them, Olympus, are you nuts?

GH3 o.t.o.h.:

Full 1080/60p, true progressive-scan video at 1920x1080 and 60 frames/second. That means 60.00fps from the sensor, no frame-doubling involved. (Also 50, 24 and 25 fps!)
Bit rates as high as 72 Mbps - Dramatically higher bit rates mean very low compression and better video image quality.
All-I recording modes - Great for editing: All-I recording is basically frame-by frame compression. There's no compression involving multiple frames, so it's much easier for editing software to break into the video stream wherever you want. (The Panasonic GH3 offers AVCHD Progressive, MPEG-4 and MOV recording formats All-I recording is available with the MOV format.)

I agree.  I'm not mad at them, BUT  I couldn't wait any longer to see it they will fix it in firmware, so I got the GH3 too.  I'd rather they had just let me save the money for the next generation  OM.   I have no regrets about the GH3.   Now m4/3 needs more cine zooms superior to the 12-50, but the 12-50 in excellent on the GH3 as long as it is stabilized  or on tripod.

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