Exposure Basics, lesson three?

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Re: All at once or nothing at all?

bobn2 wrote:

The jpeg shooters? I know some who will wax lyrical on their abilities to 'get it right in the camera'.

There is nothing wrong with trying to get everything right (or most things right) in the camera: when you are a pro, time is money and many pros tries to be as effective as possible, minimizing postprocessing time. The goal of a pro is to get a picture with an IQ good enough for his client's need as fast as he can.

For some pros, yes. For others, it is to get a picture within a good enough time delay to his clients in as good an IQ as he can.

It could be the same for a hobbyist who has fewer time to dedicate to his hobby and isn't a pixel peeper.

Not for me, I rather shoot less images than present an image I knew I could still improve.

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