D7100 vs D800, Nikon 85mm 1.4G

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wow! - amazingly holding its own with the 800

I agree, like the 7100 colors better, the 800 file looks a little overdone ... but that has got to be down to processing mostly because we have all seen drop dead stuff from the 800 since it arrived. But it is just amazing that a $1200 DX machine is putting this out ... basically looking as good as a machine that costs double and then some.


I handled a 7100 today at Newtonville Camera (my go-to local shop) :

- very nice, really tight build, actually seemed a nick tighter than the 600, maybe because it is just a little smaller and using the exact same technology, maybe because of the lack of a plastic cover on the back screen ??  (I gotta say my good old 700 begins to feel a little clunky now when I pick it up !! - never thought I would say that, but I am slowly recalibrating to these lighter builds)

- more comfortable for me than the 7000 by quite a bit - that little squared off 7000 grip never felt right to me, they have just gone back to a little more rounded feel all over and it is much better ...

- focus action at the center point was nice, but not faster than my 600 I don't think - I have some questions about the outer points, but since I was just hand-holding, and did not have "suitable targets" I better keep my powder dry. disclaimer - the lens attached was 60mm "D" micro

- I will want to try one with a grip, as I have been really happy with my 600 + grip

- The shutter is wonderfully quiet as you would expect from a current gen DX ... screen/slim font looks great, but not miles ahead of my 600 either.

- the guys behind the bench "REALLY" like it, and that is saying something to me.. They think it is a great value - but they also just like it subjectively - they all sort of drifted over and huddled around it, and these guys are pretty used to having their hands on everything ...  i.e.  jaded??

- what else do these guys REALLY like - the 5D3 - to a man

- one guy said the 7100 is the most full featured telextender ever built - I thought that was a great quip

I'll go back with my 16-85 and Sig 8-16 and have a longer session in a month maybe. I am going to be patient and wait for the real reviews. I want to see some careful focus system tests.

If all is well, it will sure be easy to see why they released this one after the 600, and even the 800, because this really might be the "right" camera for so many that jumped into FX.

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