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Re: X100 - Slow shutter speeds in Auto

I think you are simply misunderstanding the purpose of the meter and how to manipulate it towards your goals.

The meter is supposed to give you what it thinks should be the proper brightness by varying aperture, shutter speed and ISO (depending on what you allow it to change). If it is already at the limit of aperture (f/2) and ISO (1600), then the only thing left that it can change is shutter speed to give you what it thinks is the correct level of brightness.

But you don't want that brightness. You prefer a darker image. It's not the meter's fault that it cannot guess what you wanted. You have to tell it that you want a dark image. That's what the exposure compensation dial is for.

Okay, thank you for the detailed explanation.

So what I can do is change the the exposure compensation and the camera will automatically increase the shutter speed from what it originally thinks it should be... Correct?

Correct, but with one caveat.

Like what another poster explained below, the camera changes what you allow it to change. This means if you manually set your aperture and ISO, the exposure compensation dial will change shutter speed. If you set shutter speed and ISO manually, on the other hand, the dial will change aperture instead.

But the caveat is, if you manually set shutter speed and aperture, and let the camera use auto ISO, exposure compensation has no effect on ISO.

A more common scenario is to manually set aperture and leave shutter speed on auto, and then configure auto ISO with a fastest speed and maximum ISO setting. The camera will then try to maintain the fastest speed you assign until it is no longer able to (i.e. by hitting the maximum ISO ceiling), then it will be forced to reduce speed in order to obtain its correct image brightness.

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