Will I be happy with the x20?

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Re: Will I be happy with the x20?

I think the X20 will make a great second camera. Image quality will not be anything like the 5D, but the cam seems to be a gem and I am very tempted myself! But if you want to own just one camera, I'd say there are other alternativesI

Agree entirely - I'm often amazed by those seeking to replace an 'expensive' SLR body (eg 5DMKII $3k+ when new) with a compact around the $600 mark while seemingly not wanting to sacrifice image quality.

I have the 5DMKII as well as all the 1D series sports bodies and while I would never replace any of those bodies with an X20 I'm seriously considering getting one for a 'walkabout' body. The catch is it would only replace my G10 which has been great (bar the flash).

The difference in price/features in these type of exercises (1/5th of the price) is simply too great to be fair.

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