Tamron SP 90 AF Macro Question

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Re: Tamron SP 90 AF Macro Question

I have an early AF Tamron 90/2.8, might be this model (I'm not steeped in Tamronology). I think basically all macros in this FL range are good, and the Tammys are particularly well regarded. Optically mine is first rate, mechanically it feels rather plasticky and cheap.

Here's an image near MFD (just missed the eyes, unfortunately)

And here's a 1:1 crop (about 5% of the total image) from a little further out, say 40M light years (give or take 10M):

This was taken wide open, with a variable index filter about 50km thick in front of the lens (our atmosphere). The spindly thing is NGC 4565, the fuzzy on the left is NGC 4559, and the one to the right of the star is 4494. Stopping down a bit would fix the blue halos.

I like the cheap Tammy a lot.

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