Pana is rumored to plan CFF (compact full frame) for post M43

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Re: additional info and observations
some of the posters don't seem to understand that because FF is expensive now it will remain expensive. In fact the price of FF sensors are falling and a 1500 FF DSLR from the top brands is a reality in 3 years. Basically the APS-C and M43 will eventually be replaced by FF.

You don't seem understand that mid-sized sensors provide enough performance to satisfy a lot of people too.

You don't seem to understand that people will take better tools for the same price even if they don't need it.

Not if it means a lot more hassle lugging around larger cameras and lenses, even if they do give

Why do you need to repeat this misinformation? It was mentioned multiple times in this thread that there is no (or insignificant) size/weight impact.

better results than they really need. Some may, but the fact that people are already choosing M43 cameras and lenses over cheaper APS-C alternatives shows that your assumption is far from universal.

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