Time is running out for Samsung, Sony, and other mirrorless camera makers

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Re: Time is running out for The big two

Think it may be difficult for Canon to get strong foot print in Mirrorless as many users are ready stuck into a brand and line like M/43 or Nex and there is little incentive in dumping and moving...

Canon could easily get quite a sizable mirrorless market share simply by coming out with a mirrorless camera that takes their existing lenses (via a full-function adapter) and has performance and features at least on a par with their low- to mid-range DSLRs. There are plenty of Canon users looking for a compact camera to use with all the lenses they own.

Unfortunately, Canon's making the same mistake that Olympus and Panasonic did initially - they think that the only people interested in mirrorless cameras are P&S upgraders. Hence, the soap-bar styled EOS-M. That camera simply doesn't satisfy many of their existing DSLR users - it would be too much of a step down for them.

Aiming at the P&S upgrade market is stupid, because a P&S upgrader has no compelling reason (i.e., no investment in lenses) to choose Canon. A smart P&S upgrader will look at the available options and rightly conclude that the EOS-M is the worst pick because of the camera itself and because of the almost complete lack of a native lens system to go with it.

If Canon doesn't turn the EOS-M system into something serious very quickly then it will be too late to catch a lot of those P&S upgraders, and even it's own DSLR users may start to jump ship for better offerings elsewhere.

What you said is already starting to happen. Some Canon DSLR users have already jumped ship, a better Canon mirrorless (the EOS-b) is already designed and probably being manufactured to try to arrest any possible exodus

The only thing we are not sure is how successful that will be, but I am sure Canon will come up with a Plan-C if more is needed to defend its position. I also think that it would be more successful if it releases something more serious, so that it can be an alternative to its DSLR owners who are used to better cameras and may switch to the GH3 or E-M5 when they cannot get enough performance in these half-hearted mirrorless attempts. If that happens, M43 will also be threatened.  Defensive strategies may not work so well when technology forces a change.

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