How bout printing our great pics?

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Re: How bout printing our great pics?

Do yourself a HUGE favor and cut your own mats. It's not that hard and it's far cheaper. Decent mats can be had in standard hobby shops.

It does indeed save an enormous amount of money...but I challenge your "not that hard" claim! It's pretty freaking hard with my handheld mat cutter. I suppose one of the nicer ones with an actual track might make a difference, but as someone who prints for his own benefit and doesn't sell much, that investment would be a questionable one.

I don't really get the canvas thing. My parents are constantly buying canvas-printing Groupons and e-mailing me asking for photos to use them with, because they absolutely love the whole deal. To me, some shots work well, but you just lose so much detail and they can very easily feel a bit cheesy.

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