Get over it: D800 Focus QC, mass hysteria, and bad photographers

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Re: I also have several decent lenses.
Guidenet wrote

Obviously their checks are inadequate. The point is not to release substandard cameras.

You see. That's the crazy knee jerk remark the OP was talking about. The D800 is by no means a substandard camera. Do you even own one? I really can't believe you do. One repairable flaw does not make it substandard.

You've been a member of these forums for seven years and yet still no gallery nor challenges. You've got nothing listed in gear and around 500 or so posts. I'm not sure you know what a substandard camera is, do you? What do you use when you create professional quality images? The forum is about professional level gear so I assume you own a couple of this level or so.

It's disappointing that a man of your advanced years & education should choose to be so personally insulting.

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