Time is running out for Samsung, Sony, and other mirrorless camera makers

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Re: Time is running out for The big two

Think it may be difficult for Canon to get strong foot print in Mirrorless as many users are ready stuck into a brand and line like M/43 or Nex and there is little incentive in dumping and moving...

Canon could easily get quite a sizable mirrorless market share simply by coming out with a mirrorless camera that takes their existing lenses (via a full-function adapter) and has performance and features at least on a par with their low- to mid-range DSLRs. There are plenty of Canon users looking for a compact camera to use with all the lenses they own.

Unfortunately, Canon's making the same mistake that Olympus and Panasonic did initially - they think that the only people interested in mirrorless cameras are P&S upgraders. Hence, the soap-bar styled EOS-M. That camera simply doesn't satisfy many of their existing DSLR users - it would be too much of a step down for them.

Aiming at the P&S upgrade market is stupid, because a P&S upgrader has no compelling reason (i.e., no investment in lenses) to choose Canon. A smart P&S upgrader will look at the available options and rightly conclude that the EOS-M is the worst pick because of the camera itself and because of the almost complete lack of a native lens system to go with it.

If Canon doesn't turn the EOS-M system into something serious very quickly then it will be too late to catch a lot of those P&S upgraders, and even it's own DSLR users may start to jump ship for better offerings elsewhere.

Agree about the M. However, the B might do well with the P&S crowd.

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