Nikon Coolpix A vs Fuji X100S

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Re: Nikon Coolpix A vs Fuji X100S

I believe, from what I have seen so far ''picture samples of both cameras'' that the IQ of the Coolpix A is much much better than the X100S.

Of course in order to see this, you need to enlarge the picture to their full size (100%).

If on the other hand, your pictures are mainly kept on your computer for viewing and that you print sizes not exceedind 10 x 8 inches, you will not notice the differences...

As to the colors, well that's very personnal...I do prefer the Nikon colors to the X100S...

Pictures taken with the Coolpix A are also available on the nikon site:

Just my 2 bits...


Yes, I've seen all the images on the Nikon site, and they do look excellent. The colors, clarity and sharpness appear to be almost on par with the Fuji X colors, retaining the rich, vivid and saturated tones.

I agree that the differences in picture quality between the X100S and Coolpix A may negligible if viewing photos on a PC monitor. The clarity, detail and sharpness will be more or less similar. The differences will more apparent when doing large prints.

For my criteria, the single element that distinguishes the good cameras from the not-so-good ones is in low light performance. Good cameras shall exhibit low noise and still retain the clarity and detail in low light situations, and for this reason, the disparity in quality between these cameras will be quite apparent. In other words, compare the Coolpix A or X100S to a compact with 2/3" sensors or smaller and the differences in IQ will be quite significant, even when viewing on the computer screen.

Yes, I agree colors are something that is quite personal. Although early impressions on the Nikon colors appear to be slightly washed-out(if compared to the rich and vivid Fuji X colors), the images on the official Nikon site exhibit more vivid saturated colors, inching closer to the Fuji colors. Personally I prefer the Nikon colors as well, looks more natural to me. The Fuji colors are still pleasant though they don't accurately represent the feel or atmosphere of the true/actual scene.

I particular like this low light shot on the Nikon site. The clarity and detail are pretty much intact, and noise is barely visible. The advantage of a large APS-C sensor.

The image below is the one that I was referring to when I mentioned about the Nikon colors getting close to matching the rich and vivid Fuji colors.

Good clarity and sharpness in this image too which pretty much suggest that the earlier samples we've seen on the other blog may not accurately represent the true potential of the camera.

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