My name is Massimo and Im a Glassalcoholic.

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Re: My name is Steven and Im not a Glassalcoholic.

It started out with innocent "taiwanese" kit. They told me I would "capture memories." It quickly escalated to more contrasty Japanese glass. I found myself going to "MEETUP" groups, where I tried something called "Zeiss," They said it would blow my mind. I have had pixel peaking breakouts everyday for the past year. I find myself staring in to the extreme corners of the frame I call life. I wake up in a cold sweats in fear of mirror shake, I cant help but to use live view with a 12 sec timer. I tried this treatment called a "fixed lens DSC" but it does not seem to help. My doctor told me to reach out to people with the same addiction for support and advice.

A warning to kids out there, stick with your iphone, don't let yourself end up like this.

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I kept my 4 Hassy CZ from film days.  They are bulky and heavy.  Got myself a Hassy CZ - F adapter.  Went to the park to take a few snaps, zone focus, aperture priority, D800e.

1. CZ 150/2.8F, The portraiture

Taken behind the official pro. f4, applied a bit blurring, still too sharp to my liking.

2. CZ 80/2.8F, standard prime

f4, direct into the sun.

3. CZ 80/2.8F, standard prime

f4, sun behind.

Currently waiting to buy an old rotten Hasselblad CZ 40mm, no more than $350 bucks, relatively clean glass?  No fund for the latest greatest F-mount CZ.

Enjoy your shooting, my friends.


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