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Re: Tom and graybalanced: wants to upload to Dropbox

You both seem to have overlooked that Prophecies wants to upload to Dropbox. If he has fast enough upload capabilities (and a large enough Dropbox account) all your points about the limited size of an iPad mini are not really that relevant.

If he wants fast enough upload capability to upload gigabytes of raws to Dropbox, his trip is going to involve a rather short list of destinations. Most hotels and Starbucks...in high-tech cities in First World countries, mind you...have horrible, tortuously slow upload speeds. It just won't be practical. We're talking about spending valuable vacation time first importing raws to the Mini (until it's full), redundantly repeating that valuable time uploading them from the Mini to Dropbox at an even slower data rate, and then repeating the entire process again for the next batch because the Mini got full.

It's totally not fun to be in a fantastic destination, and be stuck behind a laptop in a room or coffee shop for another two hours because there's some dumb computer task you need to do. And then you'll realize someone else on the same network must be downloading something huge because your upload speed had dropped precipitously or even failed so you have to start over. Halfway through the trip you'll realize you traded the equivalent of several trip days being an IT person instead of actually enjoying and experiencing the vacation.

Get big storage so you can get yourself and your camera out of the hotel room and back into the light and shooting more great photos.

I fully agree in principle, but you cannot say that local storage on an iPad won't be enough without first telling the OP why he needs lots of local storage. Because if you don't, the OP might completely disregard your advice as irrelevant.

Because, just maybe the OP has a plan how to upload large volumes of data. One option for example are universities, some do let you in on their WiFi to allow VPN connections. My experience is that they have really good upload speeds in general.

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