How bout printing our great pics?

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Re: B&W experience

My cheapo Canon Pixma, like most home printers, uses color mixed with black in order to print out grayscale. As many have found out, it is really hard to not end up with a color cast, even if you research and adjust and print and print again... not a whole lot of fun for me.

There are companies who will supply a number of gray to black inks, I think up to 7, so that B&W prints will turn out true grayscale. Of course this is fine for those who have a printer dedicated to B&W, but is not so great if you are switching back and forth all the time.

I sent out a B&W print, converted from color in Aperture (which presumably is not as sophisticated as specialty B&W programs) to Aperture printing and I really liked the result. Pure B&W with proper settings on my somewhat extremely exposed shot.

So, in case anyone was wondering, sending out prints can certainly be a good thing for those B&W shots as well as the color ones.

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