Wish Nikon gives us 2x crop on a D800/D800E/D600/D4 via a firmware upgrade

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Re: Wish Nikon gives us 2x crop on a D800/D800E/D600/D4 via a firmware upgrade

i'm not against feature additions at all. i just want the engineers to spend time on important ones (how about implementing hdr bracketing correctly?). if you've ever worked in software/hardware design, you would know that changing anything for a device released around the world means design discussions/proposed solutions/implementation/testing and then support. that's a lot. better i just set up a batch file to crop to any aspect ratio i want in pp.

I work in software design/development on networking products/firmware (various roles progressively - tester, developer, lead, manager, director, software architect). At one point of time - I had worked on a feature that was supposed to have consumed a significant amount of my time (having routes for  destinations to have an option to drop all packets on a match rather than forward) but was done in may be an hour or two - of course tested probably for a few days (whose manager may have claimed credit for a few weeks of effort), tracked & as a regular feature - and then later advertised with a cool name as one of the highlights of the release. The point is that the 2x crop is such a feature which should take hardly any effort (on top of the infrastructure to do the 1.2x and the 1.5x crops) for a Nikon developer & a SQA person. The implementing the correct hdr bracketing that you mention may not be such a low hanging fruit.

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