I'm Staying Married to Olympus!!

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John Iversen
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Re: I'm Staying Married to Olympus!!

More power to you, Dr. Lecter . . .

“Married”  (to Olympus) - I’ve been – since the spring of 1972.  Like most marriages, it has had its phases and its ages and times good and bad, and the occasional knock-down, drag-out spousal argument.  I’ve grown with this photographic marriage, and Olympus – for all the strident critics du jour out there – has also done its share of maturing over the last 41 years.

So . . . at this stage of the marriage . . . I suppose it would be the all-too-typical middle aged guy thing to throw in my hand and get me one a’ them Trophy Wifes.  A lot younger, sexier, looka the wheels on that one!  Lessee, there’s CANdee and NIKkee, see either one a’ them walkin’ down the street from behind and its like two hogs fighting underneath a bedsheet!

Yup, it’ll cost a fair amount to get the big D, but – jeez – ain’t getting’ any younger and after all those years I flat deserve a Trophy Camera.  She’ll be very, very expensive but boy howdy she’ll be worth it.  An' the rest of the guys with their tongues just draggin' the floor to see her hangin' off my arm . . .

Uhuh, uhuh.

Sound scary familiar to anyone here ?  ?  ?


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