Pana is rumored to plan CFF (compact full frame) for post M43

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Re: Pana is rumored to plan CFF (compact full frame) for post M43
The Achilles' heel in your argument is the assumption that FF system has to be bigger and/or heavier than an equivalent m4/3 or APS-C system.

The fatal flaw in your argument is that you're assuming an M43 system has to perform as well as an FF system. M43 buyers understand that it's a compromise and are quite willing to live with that in exchange for the smaller bodies and lenses it allows.

I made no such argument, you really didn't understand my post, and looks like you've read the provided reference.

FF system simply removes the limitations of the smaller sensor, it doesn't bring any disadvantages (other than a higher price, which is going away). FF system gives you a flexibility to be as small as m4/3 with the same quality, the same parameters, or go with bigger lenses and achieve better quality, better performance, etc. -- a decision made by the photographer, not the camera.

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