Fujifilm HS30EXR EVF/LCD display lag and lens slack/play

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Fujifilm HS30EXR EVF/LCD display lag and lens slack/play

Hi All,

I have owned several Fujifilm bridge cameras in the past but never an EXR model. I have always thought that Fuji cameras were underrated and provided excellent quality/features at a very reasonable price. I recently purchased a HS30EXR and have been attempting to learn the ins and outs of shooting an EXR camera (there seems to be quite a range of thoughts about the best method here on the DPReview forums, but that's another topic entirely).

I have looked through the various DPReview forums for information on the following items:

1. When shooting my camera it takes at least a second or two for the image to show on the EVF or rear LCD screen. It doesn't matter if I turn on the camera first and then remove the lens cap or if I remove the cap first and then turn on the camera. The EVF or LCD will go completely white for a second or two and then the image gradually displays just fine. Sometime it takes a half-press of the shutter button to encourage it to display properly a little faster. This "problem" usually only happens outdoors in medium to full daylight. It almost seems like the CCD oversaturates for a second or two (the white blowout) and then adjusts and displays correctly.

2. There seems to be a bit of play in the lens. Not much, just a bit. If I hold the end of the lens barrel and gently pull or push there is a definite movement in and out. I can detect this play even when the camera is pointed downward and then quickly pointed upward. I'm not talking about a huge amount of slop, just a bit of slack in the lens system. I wasn't sure if it was normal so I checked two other HS30EXR cameras where I purchased mine. They both seem to do this. I asked Fujifilm support if this is normal and they said definitely not and that the camera should be checked. The tech even looked at a HS30EXR in her office while on the phone with me and she said hers didn't have any play in the lens. Hmmm, that doesn't sound right to me since I looked a three cameras and they all had the same play in the lens.

Anyway, has anybody experienced either one of these issues? If so, any suggestions on what to do? Is this just normal behavior for this particular camera or indications of bigger issues?



P.S.- Has anyone come across any recent resources (other than the "Nothing Special--How To Shoot AN EXR Camera" post and the info available on DPReview) that may help end the ongoing debate addressing the best way to shoot an EXR camera? Just thought I'd ask.

Fujifilm FinePix HS30EXR
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