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Drive Enclosure Deal...

Then, go external for the rest. I bought a 4 port Enclosure that included an eSATA card (SATA III with port multiplier features) for $79.99 on sale not long ago after a promo code at newegg. So, they're not very expensive if you're a good shopper.

Attached is a Screen Capture from my account history there. I bought that deal in September 2012.

Just keep an eye on the e-mail promos and you can find some deals like that from time to time.

Sure, it probably wouldn't win any awards for quality. But, for an eSATA Card with SATA III specs and port multiplier support ( with drivers for Linux and Windows) with a 4 bay SATA Drive enclosure for $79.99 (thanks to a combo deal where it was cheaper to buy the card/enclosure combo versus just the enclosure alone), I can't complain for the price (I'd spend almost as much for a one or two drive docking station, without any card to go with it).

Full size image link:

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