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Re: Why can't Windows just work?

Exactly - Win8 is not taking away, what you were giving in Win7, it's offering you extra - the Metro with its apps - use it if you want to, I don't very much, or don't.

Win8 IS taking away. It takes away the Win7 start menu in desktop mode. The desktop start menu was already in the development version of Win8 and MS made a deliberate decision to remove it. The stupidest decision that Microsoft ever made in my opinion.

I use Start8, so the Metro dosn't bother me, find it a Little strange, that Microsoft do not offer that possibility, but it's only $5.

Similar to you, I use the Classic Shell to avoid the Metro interface. I wouldn't use Win8 at all if there were no 3rd party software that restored the desktop start menu.


I agree with you, there. I don't know, why they made that decision, I find it wrong, and guess what - I think it will be back.

I also think MS will restore the desktop's start menu after they realize that most folks and especially businesses don't want to "instantly" learn how to run their existing applications using Win8's Metro UI, nor use an interface designed for touch screens on non-touch screens.

Maybee Microsoft just wanted us to start and end in the Metro-UI. But thats silly - thats a mobilephone-UI - not a PC-UI.

Besides that, the OS is just working - until now no blue screens - no reboot of a frozen computer - no programs stopped with weired errormessages, and still with an upstart time giving the ability to build a new carport or refurbish your kitchen -somethings never changes.

Yes, Win8 works well since it appears to just be an improved, faster version of Win7 with tighter code, with the Metro UI added and the desktop start menu removed.


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