RX1 EVF Stability

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Ray Sachs
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Re: Ugly but effective...

I'm getting a little worried now. Didn't realize that it moves so much. I don't mind if it comes a little loose while in a bag, since I rarely use a bag, but am concerned if it moves while on a strap worn across my body. Any more feedback on how it handles when worn and walking around town across the body? I really don't want to tape/rubberband/glue it. Kind of silly on such a high end camera..

Didn't mean to scare you - I don't have any problem walking around with the camera on a strap with its back against my body. Since the EVF comes off ttoward the back it's not likely to just come off. I just showed a cheap possible solution if you were paranoid about it, like if it was swinging around when you're on a bike. I don't actually use that rubber band, just illustrating that it wouldn't be hard to rig up a temporary solution for situations where it might be more likely to come off.


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