Well X100s make a nice second camera to XE-1

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Re: Well X100s make a nice second camera to XE-1

Seems like you have to figure out whether pocketability is necessary or not. Don't think we can tell you that.

The X100S seems mostly identical to the X100 except for faster AF and IQ improvement. Why did you get rid of the X100? Whatever minuses it had for you, except for AF/IQ, will be mirrored in the X100S.

The Nikon A hasn't shipped yet, AFAIK. I avoid evaluating cameras that don't exist yet.

If it's got to be pocketable, the X100S won't do it. If it doesn't have to pocketable, the X100S would make a great second camera to an XE1. You had an X100, so you already know how that form factor worked for you.

If it doesn't have to be pocketable and the X100S has minuses that won't work for you, two XE1 bodies would make a swell outfit.

If it has to be pocketable, it can't be the X100S or XE1. That's a whole different discussion.

I am trying to decide if the Fuji X 100s will make a nice second camera with my XE-1. For the XE-1, I have the 14mm and the zoom...or another XE 1 body or a Nikon A. Smaller was one priority and another was avoiding lens changes...I had an X100 and they are not really pocketable but it does match the image quality of my XE-1 and had the same basic interface. Am I missing other benefits of the X100s as a second camera. Or maybe I do not need a second smaller camera...I could pickup the Nikon Coolpix. It is expensive and does not have a viewfinder. The 28mm focal length is okay but the 35mm is better for me. It is pocketable which is a real plus...Which way would you go and why.

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